Story by Amanda Rodriguez/Images Editor/@arod_mandy

A live band performed at PCC on Thursday, Feb. 9, for the Welcome back and student services resource fair. Student activities and Associated Student Body advisor Derek Oriee referred to the band as “our house band” since it was their second consecutive time performing at Long Beach City College.

Child from Child Development Center dances. Photo by Amanda Rodriguez.

With the music booming loud enough to be heard from different corners of the campus, the Child Development Center decided to join in on the fun as well. Shortly after they arrived, the group of 2 and 3- year-olds danced their way up to the stage as the band continued to perform.

With her L.B. apron on, Acting President Ann-Marie Gabel stood by the barbecue as she grilled food to serve. “Grilling them up for students,” she said as she filled the air with the smell of hot dogs.

Students walked from booth to booth as they played games, received prizes, ate lunch and learned more about the different programs LBCC has to offer. “This is my fourth semester, and I’m undecided right now,” said Michelle Velazquez, an undecided major.

Shannon Odums, culinary arts major, said, “I’ve been at LBCC for many years. I take classes for self-knowledge and to keep up with life. I really enjoy it.”


Reuben Martinez, 20, a business economics major, said, “If you’re looking to transfer it benefits you to be in a club because those hours go on your transcripts.” Martinez is vice president of the Order of Thor, a men’s social service group at LBCC. Thor members volunteer in the community.

Students dance at PCC’s Student Services Resource Fair. Photo by Amanda Rodriguez.

Along with the other community service groups on campus, the volunteers work with middle school students in conserving the planet, recycling, beach cleanups, the L.A. and L.B. marathons. They also have fundraisers, such as concerts and TV show tapings to raise money for the program. “You get to network a lot,” Martinez said, “By knowing other clubs here on campus you meet new people that hold the same interests as you.”

Standing front stage with the band members, Oriee reminded students of all the resources available to them. Being the product of a club from the 1980s, he said, “I encourage everyone to get involved. It relieves stress, you meet new friends, and it makes college more enjoyable.”