By Mayra Castro
Staff Writer

Based on a state scorecard, LBCC ranked above average regarding its graduates and sending college-ready students to universities among 112 colleges.
The score, released on April 9, was launched by the California Community College Board of Governors and Chancellor Brice Harris.
Student success is measured in earning certificates and degrees and students who complete technical training for careers or continue to universities.
California Community Colleges are one of the most transparent systems of higher education in the country due to the access it gives students, parents and the public to track student outcomes, the Chancellor’s office said.
The scorecard indicates the college has seen 74 percent of its students graduate or transfer to universities in the past six years. However, only 40 percent of its remedial students met the same results, the report revealed.
Vashti Hollomon, 18, a mechanical engineer major and music minor, is dually enrolled in LBCC and Cal State Los Angeles. She said, “Reading the college’s scorecard gives me a bit of confidence. If something were to go wrong at CSULA and I had to become a full-time student at LBCC, I know I would be able to transfer because the college is demonstrating that it is capable of sending students to four-year schools.”
Statewide remedial students make up a majority of the 2.4 million Community College students.
A little more than 41 percent of the remedial students graduate or transfer to universities.
71 percent of Cerritos College’s college-ready students and 35.2 percent of its remedial students transfer to universities or graduate.
LBCC President Eloy Oakley said, “Part of the challenge is prioritizing resources and ensuring we’re doing everything we can to help students move along at (faster) rates while at the same time securing less revenue for students.”
Oakley also said the college “welcomes the student success scorecard as a way to provide benchmark data on sustained institutional improvement over time.”
79 percent of roughly 4,000 freshman attending Pierce College were able to reach their goal in six years. 45.4 percent of about 16,000 remedial students succeeded in transferring or graduating, making Pierce College one of the best colleges in the Los Angeles Community College District.
69 percent of Cypress College’s college-ready students graduate or transfer to universities and 41.4 percent of its remedial students reach the same goal.
Amie Miramontes-Franco, 19, a kinesiology major and member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Kappa honor society began attending LBCC in the Fall 2011 semester. In the two years she has attended the college, she has witnessed and been affected by the budget cuts the college has endured.
Challenges exist, she said, but the college’s scorecard reinforces her decision of pursuing her education at LBCC.
“It’s unfortunate that the cuts have affected those it has, but it is good to see that the college has been able to focus its attention on purposes that benefit the greater majority,” Miramontes-Franco said.