Story by Megan Cernas

Long Beach City College students have the option to decide which of the two campuses they would like to attend, although some debate which campus is the right one.

Kristal Diaz, a third-year psychology student at LBCC said on Tuesday, “I prefer the Pacific Coast Campus because it’s newer, more modern, relaxing and I feel like there are less students here.”

Another student, William Marin, a fourth-year business administration major, said, “I’ve never taken a class at the Pacific Coast Campus because I didn’t feel safe there and to me that campus seems more like a high school. At least here at the Liberal Arts Campus it feels like a mini-university.”

Marin said “the remodeling of the LAC is making the college more modern, but if I can change one thing it would have to be the staff parking. It makes getting to class on time harder” referring to the spaces recently became reserved for employees inside the student parking structure.

When stating their final thoughts, both Marin’s and Diaz’s opinions stood the same. Diaz said, “I don’t mind driving further to school if it means I’m comfortable, I like it better and I feel I learn more over there.”