Story by Germain Rodriguez

The Library located at LAC contains a human skeleton for anatomy students to check out and study.

The skeleton bones are contained in a wooden case behind the counter to be checked out by students.

The skeleton box is labeled “Gordon Lynda Lee” and “Gordon Personal File” but the staff wasn’t sure if that was his or her name.

It was donated by the anatomy department so students can learn and identify certain pieces. They also have a smaller case with smaller pieces like teeth and skull fragments.

The librarians on duty today didn’t know too much about the skeleton beside the fact that it’s real and was donated by the anatomy department.

When talking about the skeleton today, Doris, the librarian said, “It’s weird to think about someone donating or buying a skeleton.” She then said, “Anatomy students usually check out the bones for study, but nobody has checked it out this semester.”

She said, “A few of the bones have gone missing over time or were possibly stolen.”
The anatomy department couldn’t be reached today for details.