Story by Belinda Freeman

President-elect Donald Trump’s education secretary appointee, Betsy DeVos, has Long Beach City College students questioning how the change in administration will affect them and their higher education goals.

The past election cycle brought about tremendous waves of change. Many Community College students are in transitionary periods and have differing opinions concerning how the new administration will affect their lives.

One of the students in transition is political science major, Guadalupe Rodriguez, 18. “I honestly feel scared about what this change will mean for me.” Rodriguez said on Tuesday, “Bernie and Hillary talked about student-loan forgiveness and things about my life. I don’t think Trump cares about my issues.”

Communication studies major, Ayesha Roman, 22, has differing feelings. “Being an optimistic person, I’m hoping for a positive change.” Roman said, “I hope that they would be looking for ways to improve our community college system and I want to know what ideas they have to make it become greater.”

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