Chris Oropeza

I may have only been on this campus for almost two years and I have yet to see any drug use. I only see students smoking cigarettes.

These days, it seems students are focused and more ready to get on with their careers than letting anything get in the way. LBCC may have separated campuses, but LAC and PCC have a great atmosphere and are filled with dedicated students.

The other day, I went up to a few students and asked if they’ve seen any drug use on campus.

They all replied with a simple “No,” but a few said that sometimes when walking by some people, they could smell marijuana.

Even though the use of marijuana is controversial in the U.S, it seems a lot of students find that legalizing the drug is right because it would help people with medical issues like cancer and glaucoma.

If the state were to make marijuana legal, we might see use of other drugs on campus, knowing that some consider marijuana a gateway drug. Students are using drugs at home or off-campus.

There isn’t one place on both campuses that is not protected by our campus police.

They seem to have everything under control and at night, they patrol with a hawk-eye attitude, keeping the campuses free from drug activity.

The only problem we have at LBCC is finding a parking spot and getting around the construction zone barriers.

So, we can thank our local law enforcement for keeping the surrounding community safe and helping out the students when it’s needed the most.