Illustration by Carlos Ochoa/Viking
Illustration by Carlos Ochoa/Viking


Our school has a food court that you are probably all very familiar with by now. When the snacks from the different vending machines around campus are not quite enough, the food court offers a wide array of alternatives. Students can fill up on everything from burgers, to breakfast burritos and even boneless hot wings. While the offerings provided are great and reasonably priced, there has been some debate as to whether or not it is enough.

Recently a local food truck was spotted in front of the LAC campus and students flocked to it. Food truck culture has exploded in recent years were each truck tries to outdo its competitors with more creative dishes with some serving Mexican/Japanese fusion dishes and even filet mignon fries. With seemingly everyone’s love for food truck cuisine at an all-time high, it would seem like a natural thing to see more food trucks on campus to cater to the diverse student body here at LBCC.

The call to see more food trucks appear on campus is not about taking business away from our own food court but instead to offer students more choices. One such way to ensure that students have these choices available to them would be to allow food trucks to come to campus a couple of times a week or even monthly or what could be LBCC Food Truck Week.” This would ensure that students are given an even more varied selection of food while also helping support local business. Our cooks here in our own food court could also set up shop outside along side the trucks during such event to pick up even more sales from people passing by that would no doubt be attracted to such a gathering.

While our campus offers a great selection of tasty meals, there is no denying that having specialty trucks like Jogasaki or Street Kitchen would be a welcome addition and not a replacement to the great food we have available to us here on campus.