By Patty Miramontes/Staff writer/@pamiis23

On Saturday, Nov. 5 was the opening reception for “5,” a showcase featuring five women photographers Jaqueline Barragan Fuller, Tanielle Gilbert, Teri Lacy, Candace Moore and Kelly Parram, with help from Frances Neal.

Neal helps curate two photography shows each year, an all-student show in the Spring and an advance student show in the Fall.

This Fall, Neal, photography professor and PCC lab technician, said, “The idea was to get five really talented photographers who have been through the program, to get five different ideas of their personal work to get them in a space out of school and get them to do projects that are beyond class assignments.”

Help was provided by the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, a non-profit organization that supports working artist in artistic disciplines and connect them with the public in Long Beach through innovative collaborations, dialogues, promotions and education in cutting-edge art environment.

The Cultural Alliance of Long Beach offers a space for pop-up galleries to local artists and affiliated groups for hosting art and cultural activities and events. The Alliance provides artists for community events to conduct activities for the public.

Fuller displayed her series of images titled “Come Home.”

“Photography in a sense is the lenses that helps me understand the human condition more in depth. It allowed me to explore deeper emotions within and at times, in a way it has been my therapy,” Fuller said.

The images consisted of home and the in-depth personal feel on what home means to Fuller.

Lacy’s work consisted of placing her subject in front of a mirror and asking him or her to sit still with themselves in silence. A stool, a single light and a camera were included with the subject and their reflection. Lacy said, “My work is rooted in the exploration and innovation or one’s inner evolution. Its introspective, but to seek to capture the stubble and nuanced way we relate to ourselves through outward expression. It’s this relationship, the physical countenance and inner musing, I attempt to capture through my lens.”

The exhibition runs through Sunday, Nov. 27 at 727 Pine Ave in Long Beach. Visit Cultural Alliance of Long Beach on Facebook for more information.