By Erin Asis/Staff writer/@erin_asis

The EOP&S program at LBCC is a state-funded program geared to giving assistance to students who have social, economic, educational, or language disadvantages.

The program provides services such as academic and personal counseling, priority registration, supplemental tutoring and supplemental book assistance.

To qualify for the EOP&S program, students must be a California resident, completed 55 or less units, complete the LBCC assessment test and orientation, be currently enrolled in a minimum of 12 units, qualify for the Board of Governor’s fee waiver A or B through Financial Aid and meet the educationally disadvantaged criteria.

EOP&S can also offer UC and CSU application fee waivers, personal development workshops, cap and gown assistance for graduation, cultural events, teacher and student appreciation day, supplies and “college survival kits.” EOP&S also offers a book loan library, which is a textbook library where EOP&S students in good standing may borrow them for classes for the entire semester. EOP&S students who have unmet financial needs can also receive stipends to assist with the purchasing of textbooks and supplies.

Reuben Martinez, 20, a business economic major, said, “EOP&S has played an essential role in proving me resources to further my education.”

To apply, students must submit the LBCC application for admission through enrollment services or online at, then submit a FASFA application at Once these steps are completed, the student’s eligibility will be determined and if she/he is deemed eligible, they will be invited to apply for the program and attend an EOP&S orientation.

Hector Gonzalez, 19, a food science major, said, “EOP&S has provided me with books and study tools that have helped in my academic success”

Students who are interested in becoming a member of the EOP&S program may inquire more information at or email the EOP&S program at or by heading to either office at PCC MD116, or calling (562) 938-3097. For LAC, students can call (562) 938-4273, or visit the LAC office A1134.

Both offices are open Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Fridays from 8 a.m.-noon.