By Gleb Perch/Staff Writer/@GPLBCC

The Associated Student Body hosted an election watch party, allowing students and employees to socialize and watch election results in real time Tuesday, Nov. 8.

The mood changed from happy to nervous and eventually after most people had left, Donald Trump was declared the winner.

T1200 was meticulously decorated in advance by ASB staff. Complementary food and drink were offered.

“Students have to do most of the work. They helped to decorate, get their friends out, get the shirts and so on,” said interim ASB adviser Camille Bolton.

At the start of the event at 6:30 p.m., a mood of cautious optimism permeated the room. Pre-election polls unanimously gave Hillary Clinton a solid lead. Most students in attendance supported the Democratic candidate for president and were confident she would easily win the election.

Apple Villaral, 20, a business major, said, “I want Hillary to win. She can do more for women and schools. Hillary is open to almost anything. She goes to the community, to run-down restaurants and interacts with people. Trump is too high-class for that kind of stuff.”

Floria Gonzales, 21, an art major, said, “I voted for Hillary. This is my first election, I just turned 18. It was an easy choice; Trump is the most ridiculous candidate I’ve ever seen.”

Karen Dehella, 29, a journalism major, said, “Personally, I don’t have a party. I like them both, but this election I voted for the Democrat. Hillary has proven that she has tenacity. She has taken many different roles and proven to have experience in international politics.”

As exit polls from Florida came streaming in, showing Trump with a narrow lead, a feeling of apprehension and even panic spread across the room. Smiling, confident faces turned into sour grimaces. Others stared at the projector screen with shock and disbelief.

Vanessa Mendoza, 20, a sociology major, said, “This election itself makes me so angry. I don’t even want to talk about it. But I love how the school put this event together.”

Jonathan Habana, 24, a computer-science major, said, “I’m nervous about the election. I’m happy that everyone I know voted, which is a good thing. Trump’s V.P. is Pence, who supports LGBT conversion therapy. People always talk about Trump, but forget that his V.P. is just as bad.”

Eliza Castaneda, 23, a nursing major, said, “This will be one of the most memorable presidential elections I will ever experience. To let someone race to power the way Trump has, it’s baffling. Throughout this campaign I’ve been so utterly scared by Trump. I know he has a lot of supporters and that makes it even worse. We’re watching history in the making here.”