By Joseph Herrera/Staff writer/@josephherrera91

The music program at the LAC G Building kept steady following the music scholarship concert on Sunday, Oct. 16.

Musicians, radio and television students were scattered throughout the building preparing and practicing for upcoming events. Piano keys chiming, with professor Kim-Pedroza giving instructions on keys, whether it be minor or major, for beginning piano students to play.

The course was beginning Piano 1 and students were paying close attention, making sure they don’t hit the incorrect keys. The music program has led a trail of inspired students wanting to fulfill a musical goal, whether it would be professional or personal.

Beginning piano student Guadalupe Madrigal, 20, was sitting near another empty piano room completing a test she must have missed. The test consisted of filling out music notes to basic songs and labeling notes correctly with the right name. She said she feels content on the direction of the music program and its teachers will to accommodate student needs: “Professors care about giving us the best things we can get and they’re always fighting to give us a really good music program.” Down the hall was Skye Angulo, the chipper director of Choral Studies. The high happy mood was contagious for me or any other student who would wander into her office. Like most creative people who are fortunate enough to get paid being a creator, Angulo confessed her distaste for the logistical needs of the choir program: “We often travel so I sort of become this travel agent. I have to book hotels, do research, collect money and even get permission to do these things.” Luckily the work balances out when events are successful, which proves that hard work pays off. “

The Music Scholarship Concert was great. The choir students enjoyed themselves which always feels good.”

I have nothing bad to say about the music program. If employees and creative students are happy, then I believe I could be happy.