By Joseph Herrera/Staff writer/@josephherrera91

An educative decision was proper to celebrate the spooky day of Halloween with students momentarily putting their costume party-all-night criteria to the side to ask questions at the Transfer Fair on Monday, Oct. 31.

Siblings Christopher and Kimberly Garcia sat down on the large circular planter that encompasses the center between Carson Street and the A Building. Taking a breathing moment to review pamphlets dispersed by the multiple universities, the Garcias grinned and said, “Everybody was very helpful.”

Christopher, 23, a computer technology major, is taking a break from math courses required for his major. This semester, he is taking computer courses to find out the challenge of numbers is no different from the methodical science of a computer. Garcia sticks to his determination though and focuses on transferring to UC Irvine or San Diego State.

His sister Kimberly, 18, a psychology major, freshman, said, “The Transfer Fair was pretty good and gave good information.”

Most of her friends are at Cerritos College, Kimberly, like her brother, stays adamant about educational goals while working as a coach for a color guard team. Garcia is interested in San Diego State and UC Riverside.

To manage enrollment, the CSU system allows campuses to declare impaction. Cal States Fullerton, Long Beach, San Diego, San Jose State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo are schools impacted in all majors, both first-time freshman and upper-division transfers.

Students who apply from a local admission area might get accommodated more so than students from outside areas.

For Example, Cal State Long Beach will give preference to students who are in the local geographic area of a radius of 10 to 15 miles. However, military veterans will get preference regardless of their school of origin.

Leslie Quinto, a recruitment specialist from Cal State Fullerton, says the nursing major is always the most impacted. Though having to always say that news, she felt content with the results of the Transfer Fair, “Today was good, we gave students a chance to get the proper information.”

Martin Hurtado, 22, a psychology major, who donned Captain America shades bought from Party City in celebration of Halloween, rode around the Transfer Fair on his skateboard, wheeling from booth to booth. Hurtado said, “LBCC has a really good vibe to it. Everybody at the transfer fair is good and helpful.” Hurtado is interested in transferring to Cal State Dominguez Hills or Long Beach.

Students ready to transfer can go to

The priority deadline to apply for Fall 2017 as an undergraduate student is Nov. 30 and may vary for international and graduate students.