By Jesus Hernandez

Editor in Chief

The ASB Cabinet passed 8-6-1-(1) a resolution that outlines reasons why they think the Board of Trustees has not “fulfill[ed] its duties to set the interests of students first,” according to the first paragraph of the four-page document, on April 22 at the shop exterior extension of the PCC II Building during an ASB Cabinet meeting.

While each Board member was contacted last week for a response in the event the Cabinet passed the vote of no confidence, only two of the five Trustees gave statements.

District 3 Trustee Mark Bowen said he would hope the Cabinet would take into consideration his vote against program discontinuance. However, Bowen was not exempt from the Cabinet’s vote against the Board.

Before the vote was taken, District 1 Trustee Jeff Kellogg said in an April 18 issue of the Viking newspaper, “I just want to be clear, I don’t want to give false hope to anyone. We’re not going to reconsider anything.”

The Cabinet’s support of the vote of no confidence will be presented to the Board of Trustees Tuesday, April 23 at 5 p.m. in T1100 on the LAC.

Meanwhile, a petition circulated for the past few months gathering more than 800 PCC students signatures, yet students from both campuses still feel they have been left in the dark as to what exactly the vote means.

Soktear Phuy, 26, auto-body major, said, “I don’t blame the administration. If the ASB (cabinet) has a good reason for the vote then I’m on their side, but I didn’t know anything about this.” Phuy said he knows the Board had reasons for making cuts and expressed his anger that he and his classmates were unfortunate enough to have been part of the discontinued programs.

“I’m a student here and I haven’t seen anyone from the ASB come and talk to us about this. They just say to show up to this meeting and we come. They could at least tell us what it’s about so we can prepare our questions,” Phuy said.

The Cabinet was divided on the vote because some members felt there was a lack of effort made to educate and inform students from both campuses.

Andrea Donado, representative of PCC Cultural Affairs, said, “We were elected and appointed to be able to make the decisions on behalf of the student body.” She reminded the Cabinet that the topic of the vote of no confidence has been brought up at numerous Cabinet meetings and on social media.

All six public speakers assured the Cabinet that they were in favor of the vote against the Board. Wording on the resolution states the Cabinet has no confidence not only in the Board, but also in the administration. It was unclear who drafted the resolution, and the division among the Cabinet revolved around the final wording of the resolution.

Controversy about potential conflicts of interests to vote on behalf of a number of Cabinet members were thrown aside after conversations clarified the issues.

The closed ballot vote passed with eight in favor, six votes against, one abstaining vote and an advisory vote by the Student Trustee in favor of the motion.