By Jason Gastrich

Copy Editor

The LAC’s A Building was completed and open for business on Monday, April 8, but the engraved cement planter on the Front Quad does not reflect the college’s name.

Instead of writing, “Long Beach City College,” the sign reads, “Long Beach Community College.”

Mark Taylor, LBCC director of college advancement and public affairs, said, “College staff noticed the error during installation, but due to the design and type of construction it was deemed too costly to change.” Taylor described it as an oversight by CS Legacy, the construction company, and said it would be too costly to change or fix.

Austin Chase, 19, an audio production student, said, “I didn’t notice it until today.” It was Tuesday, but it was Chase’s first day back from Spring Break. “That sign says City College,” he said as he pointed to another sign. “This sign says community,” he said and pointed to the engraved planter.

ASB Treasurer Kristen Payne, said, “I like the idea that it makes you think about the fact that we are a community within Long Beach, but I hope the school will fix it before the Fall semester of new students.”

Ronald Johnson, 27, a radio and television major, said, “It should say Long Beach City College, not Long Beach Community College.” He noticed how a sign directly behind it said the college’s name correctly. “We should also get some more plants in here. This is a city, not a desert,” he added.

Ben Fernandez, 30, a nursing student, said, “I think they could fix it, but it doesn’t bother me too much. I’m just glad the construction is done.”