By Denny Han/Viking
By Denny Han/Viking

By Denny Han/Staff writer/@dennyh_

Laughter erupted throughout the 60-person crowd in T1200 when Donald Trump said “nobody respects women more than (him)” during the Associated Student Body’s debate viewing party on Wednesday, Oct. 19.

The claim was added to the students’ list of memorable quotes of the night, which includes the lines, “I don’t know Putin” and “We’ve got some bad hombres here,” both from the Republican Party presidential nominee, Trump.

Ricardo Ramos, 20, a political science major described the debate as “an absolute joke. I don’t have faith in either of them.”

Marlene Ramirez, 20, a cognitive science major, said, “Sad.”

Carlos Garcia, 20, a computer science major, said, “Unorganized.”

Karla Monteroza, 21, a kinesiology major, said, “I’d rather be watching and voting for their SNL parodies.”

Erick Hazariegos, 23, a communications major, said, “Eye-opening. You constantly see biased political views from your friends throughout social media. I think watching this has helped me decide on who to vote for, for myself.”

Forrest Lagrenade, 23, a botany major, said, “Trump’d. Hillary is a crook and a product of the system while Trump is uneducated. The larger problems at hand are being completely ignored.”

Estrella Bombela, 18, an animal science major, said, “Ridiculous. Honestly, I was more invested in their weird facial expressions than what was coming out of their mouths.”

Cheyanne Phoenix, 21, a sociology major, said, “Ambiguous. They’re so unclear as to how they’re going to achieve most of their plans and even more so, as to what some of them actually are.”

student trustee Alejandro Lomeli, said, “Energetic. It’s interesting to see both candidates express raw emotions and it definitely humanizes them in a way.”

Maisie Ahern, 22, a physiology major, said, “We’re screwed.”

In addition to students, the crowd included LBCC support staff, program directors and teachers political science professor Matthew Atkinson attended with his class.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia briefly appeared to give an introduction. Garcia said, “This election is going to affect all of you directly,” and advised students to stay engaged in politics. Garcia emphasized the importance of civic engagement and the benefits of high voting scores for students wishing to have a future in government.

The party was organized by Lomeli and Interim Dean of Student Affairs Alicia Kruizenga. She said, “We wanted more students to be informed about the upcoming election, even help them register to vote.”

“For some people, it’s their first time watching a debate, as well as their first time voting for a president,” Lomeli said.

Funding for the viewing party was provided as part of a recent categorical grant for civic engagement.