By Lissette Mendoza/ Photo editor/ @chingonapicosa

LBCC’ s Queer Space Club held a candlelight vigil on National Coming Out day on Oct. 11, 2016 commemorating the 49 lives lost at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL. that occurred on June 12, 2016.

Brightly colored Orlando posters were visible from around the LAC campus with words such as love, pride, courage, community, empowerment, trust, freedom, and strength lining the perimeter of the event area.

The event began at 4:30 p.m. and while initially planned to end at 6 p.m., the impressive turnout extended the event close to 7 p.m. Chips and Drinks were being sold for under $3 as well as t-shirts being sold for $5.

Queer Space President Daisy Rose, 18, majoring in sociology and human development said “I love my queer community, it still hurts that 49 of our brothers and sisters were assassinated, we knew something on campus had to happen to commemorate their deaths.”

Regarding joining the Queer Space Club, Rose also says “Our club members are kept anonymous and open to anybody.”

A small stage with a podium, set up for an open mic was pointed towards a heart-shaped formation of candles as a commemoration of speaking and singing towards the victims.

David Batz, 25, majoring in fashion merchandising said regarding the Pulse Orlando shooting, “At first I disregarded it, it didn’t affect me, but as my day went on and I began to read about it, I realized it did affect not only me but the community I’m a part of, not only that but it was their safe zone. People criticize us but I felt we were violated, a place we considered our sanctuary, our place that we felt was safe to go to.”

“I go to different events, and this situation definitely put fear in me, I felt like I had to watch my back, and that was no way to live, but with my brothers and sisters around me and taking it day by day I feel like it brought us together as a community.”

Students at the event seemed to be enjoying the event, people bought blankets to sit on the grass as they watched people speak and perform on the open mic.

Student Life Coordinator Teila Robertson said about the event, “I think it’s awesome, I’m excited that it was all planned out by students, it makes me happy that students are allowed to voice what they feel.”

The Queer Space Club Instagram is @lbccqueerspace and meetings Wednesdays from 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. at LAC in E-131.