By Marcy Lopez

Staff Writer

After undergoing more than two years of construction, the new LAC A Building is now opened.

Aubrey Stack, 19, a biology and environmental science major, said, “I think it’s going to be a lot easier for new students to get started with all the administration in one centralized area. I am very excited to check it out. It also makes the school look much more modern and clean.”

The new and improved A Building on the north side of Carson Street opened Monday, April 8. The new building will serve as a main hub for all the student services, including the Admissions and Records Office, Career and Transfer Center, cashiers office and ASB Bank, Counseling Department, Disabled Students Programs and Services, Extended Opportunity Programs, Financial Aid Office, International Student Program, Matriculation Office, Student Health Services and Students Relations.

About $8.5 million from bond management Measure E was used to fund the remodeling and preserve the historical structure and architecture of the building. The A Building is 28,100-square feet.

Juan David Pazmino, 20, a clinical counseling major, said, “It’s quite the satisfaction to not have to walk around the construction site anymore. On the other hand, it turned out great. The palm trees look very inviting.”

One of the newest additions to the building is the Student Health Services Office. The office used to be in the Q Building in room 124.

Dawn Truesdelle, a health service technician, said, “It’s very nice and it is a lot roomier.”

The new health office has a larger lobby with a television that will provide students who are waiting with information about different health issues. Built in cabinets will be used for medical records and charts. Psychiatric services also will be provided at the new office. The psychiatrist will have a personal office to serve students better as opposed to how they were meeting before in random places.

Truesdelle said, “There is a lot more privacy, not only for the employees, but for the students as well. Students should feel much more comfortable.”

They also now have a wheelchair assessable restroom. Next door to the restroom, a lab will be used for examinations if needed.

Truesdelle said, “There is actually more space available then staff.”

The staff consists of a nurse practitioner, who travels from the LAC to the PCC, two registered nurses and two health service technicians. Truesdelle said, “It looks more like an actual clinic now.”

Nayeli Panduro, 18, an undecided major, went to the financial aid office and said, “Two ladies assisted me pretty quickly. They were friendly and they are enjoying their offices.”

Ricardo Sanchez, accounting major, said, “It was well worth the money spent.” He liked how they didn’t knock the previous building down.

Mark Taylor, LBCC director of college advancement and public affairs, said, “College staff noticed the error during installation, but due to the design and type of construction it was deemed too costly to change.” Taylor described it as an oversight by CS Legacy, the construction company, and said it would be too costly to change or fix.

Copy editor Jason Gastrich and news writers Cesar Cadenas and Crystal James contributed to this report.


Photo Illustration/Jesus Hernandez and Jacob Rosborough
Photo Illustration/Jesus Hernandez and Jacob Rosborough