By Tonia Ciancanelli

Managing Editor

In an historic event, the Viking newspaper plans to publish its first 3D issue Thursday, May 2.

Viking Editor in Chief Jesus Hernandez, said, “3D has recently been making an appearance in movies, but print still holds some nostalgia so we’re going to experiment.”

He envisions people on the campuses wearing the 3D glasses “getting really excited about a cool photo popping out at them.”

He said he hopes the innovative issue draws readers in so they inevitably stumble across “really good stories that the Viking staff worked hard investigating and writing.”

Viking adviser Pat McKean said the publication made some minor adjustments to the semester’s budget to compensate for the additional costs associated with the 3D glasses. The glasses cost about 30 cents each, totaling an addition $1,500 for the 5,000 copies distributed at the PCC and the LAC. Viking staff will attach the glasses to the papers the night before distribution.

Edgard Aguilar, the former LBCC photo adviser whose local business prints the Viking, said 3D printing is more time-consuming because the image registration does not line up. The colors have to be split manually with the blue hues on one side and reds on the other.

Cerritos College set the precedent in late 2010 for the Viking’s upcoming issue. Talon Marks adviser Rich Cameron said, “It does not make for a good looking newspaper, though.”

He added, “The images without the glasses are blurred, which detracts from the design. It is like all of your photos are grossly out of focus until you don the glasses.”