— by Staff Writer Gleb Perch

LBCC’s Food Court at the LAC and the Cafeteria at the PCC offers fresh-made meals and grab-and-go options, but some students may be looking for something different near the campuses may not know where to find it, as residential buildings make up most of LBCC’s surroundings.

Lucky Express, a Chinese restaurant at 1200 E. Carson St. is about 2 miles west of the LAC and 3 miles north of the PCC, is almost halfway between the two campuses. The restaurant is easy to spot and its large front-entrance advertisement promotes “buy 3 get 1 free” meal combo.

The interior of Lucky Express is clean and inviting, with a traditional Asian décor, including a Chinese waterfall statue. The staff and the managers are friendly and accommodating despite not being fluent English speakers.

An order of Sesame Chicken, rice and hot and sour soup was around $14. The portions are large, family-sized which can be shared by three to four people. Just the sesame chicken alone would be enough to provide them with a satisfying lunch or dinner.

The quality of the food itself was excellent. While much of “Americanized” Chinese food tastes the same, regardless of which restaurant it comes from, Lucky Express prides itself on being special. Upon trying the sesame chicken for the first time, I could instantly identify a unique zesty flavor that I never picked up on in other Chinese restaurants, even when eating sesame chicken at other locations.

The hot and sour soup was similar, Lucky Express’ unique addition of crab sticks to their soup gives it an undeniably seafood-like taste.

All in all, my experience at Lucky Express was excellent and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Americanized Chinese cuisine.

If you are a college student on a budget and especially if frequently traveling between the colleges’ two campuses, Lucky Express is a must try. In terms of value, taste and uniqueness, Lucky Express is one of Long Beach’s best.