By Samwell Favela

Contributing Writer

After three years in the works, the Mexican American Engineers and Scientists program held its first science extravaganza on Friday, April 12.

Grouped in different classrooms, the students were taught by the club members with experiments that involved building an operational toy car with household items, constructing buildings using marshmallows, making lava lamps and dealing with liquid layers, and breaking down strawberries to the cellular level to extract DNA.

The program is a national organization that targets the growth of science, technology, engineers and mathematical students throughout universities across the states. LBCC is the first Community College to adopt the program, which was brought to the LAC three years ago.

The science extravaganza focused influencing young students through education. The schools that attended the event were Marshall and Washington middle schools. The students chosen to participate in the event were students in the MESA and AVID programs, which are college prep classes geared toward science and achievement.

The event began at 8 a.m., when each student was greeted with a complimentary shirt, bag, nametag, and a muffin and water.

The LBCC men’s social-service club Thor and the women’s social-service club TNT volunteered, passing items out and guiding students to different classrooms where science experiments were being conducted.

Lisa Pappas, the mother of a Marshall student, said, “I am very impressed with the MASE program. They are so nice and organized and this campus is very beautiful.”

Organizers of the program said they hope to host the event annually. Chair member of the event, Abraham Ruiz said, “We’re hoping to do something with the local high school students in the future, but for right now, middle schools are our target.”

Ruiz added, “This isn’t just for Mexicans. Anyone can join. It was mainly for the students at our school to have a place to connect.”

More information about participating in the organization may be found by emailing