By Elizabeth Cheruto

Staff Writer

Matt Lawrence and Carlos Ramos, teachers from LBCC Social Sciences Department, were each awarded a semester sabbatical leave to further enhance their professional skills.

Other teachers who were awarded sabbaticals for the full 2013-14 year include Christopher Chinn and Stanislav Orlovski from the art and photography department, Diane Gunther from the English Department, David Lehman and Lisa Orr from the  History and Political Science Department and Ann Nunag from the Counseling and Student Support Services.

Sabbatical leaves may be awarded to LBCC teachers every seven years, and qualifying process involves writing a proposal a few months before the deadline.

President Eloy Oakley and the Board of Trustees review each proposal submitted and then select the qualifying teachers.

Orlovski said he is ready to start his sabbatical in August, and hopes to return in August 2014. “This is my second time to go on sabbatical. Seven years ago, I took time to work on an art project that was exhibited in New York,” Orlovski added.

He added that during his past project, he met professionals in the art industry who visited the college as guest lecturers benefiting the art students.

This time, Orlovski will work on two animated film projects. The projects will be exhibited in New York at the Mixed Greens art gallery and Pasadena’s Museum of Art in September 2014. The projects will benefit his students with modern art and painting through computer media.

Karinaga Garay, 21, an art major and one of Orlovski’s students, said, “It is very encouraging how my professor has a chance to advance his skills. This will be helpful to all in the Art Department.” Garay said she is looking forward to learning new things from her professor when he returns at the LAC to continue his lectures.

Lena Bishop, 19, an animation major, said, “I think it is great that professor Orlovski is going off to study. This is inspiring.”

Habib Kheradyar Zamani who is the art gallery director at the LAC and said when a teacher’s work becomes stagnant, perhaps it becomes the same in teaching.

“Sabbaticals allow the teachers to be focused in their professions and this helps them to better and further their skills,” he said.  Logically, their acquired experience will reflect in their teaching, Zamani added.

Chinn will make use of his sabbatical by doing research and creative work. “I will be developing new art work, life-size standing ceramic figures, large- scale painting and other studies,” he said.

For part of his project, he will make drawings for life models and he will create portraits from the drawings and create an art book that will be sold in the Library at an affordable price.