Story and photo by Carlos Ochoa — Opinion Editor

Margaret Dizon was announced as the new representative of athletics in the ASB Cabinet meeting on PCC Friday, Sept. 23.

Dizon said, “I am really happy and grateful to be here. I look forward to being a part of the ASB Cabinet.”

After the meeting, ASB President Erick Mazariegos and LAC President Joshua Bedolla said she is knowledgeable and well prepared for Cabinet.

Bedolla said, “We are welcome to more outside perspectives.”

Aaron Villareyna, another candidate who attended, said he was happy to run and is now focused on transferring to Berkeley for business finance.

Along with the appointment, two presentations from Dean of Student Affairs Alicia Kruizenga were made.

She gave an update on student activity at the college and PCC librarian David Goto presented a student survey for increasing operational hours at PCC.

Goto voiced concern over students having to pay for Financial Aid forms.

“It’s ridiculous that students that need Financial Aid have to pay for pages.” Goto said, adding the library will be printing Financial Aid forms for students to have.

The Cabinet discussed the future of smoke free college campuses.

A smoking examiner will be present to conduct research and surveys regarding smoking habits and attitudes at the college said Student Trustee Andrew Lomeli.

The data collected will be used by the student government to plan a course of action for removing smoking areas from the college Student Trustee Andrew Lomeli said. The work may be ahead of schedule or on schedule with the 2018 ban from the state Assembly.

The next Cabinet meeting will be at LAC on Friday, Sept. 30 at 8:30 a.m. in T1100.


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