Misty May-Treanor during an interview Sept. 6, 2016 in P111 Liberal Arts Campus
Photo by Omar Reyes Misty May-Treanor during an interview Sept. 6, 2016 in P111 Liberal Arts Campus

Story by Carlos Ochoa

On a Tuesday, Sept 6, Treanor entered room P111 to surprise the Journalism students in Pat McKean’s Journalism 20 newswriting class.
Centuries ago, Misty May-Treanor, a three-time gold medalist for Women’s beach Volleyball, would have been viewed as a God, assuming women were allowed to play then, which they were not.
“I just happen to have a gift, and I have to remind people that I bleed red, I have to eat to survive, I am no different than anyone else, I just happen to excel in on aspect.”
Treanor was raised by her mother, Barbara May and her father, Butch May, a former American volleyball player who competed in the 1968 Summer Olympics.
Both were coaches at Santa Monica College during her childhood years where she was able to run freely on the college courts.
Treanor finished her career with three Olympic gold medals, three world championships, and NCAA National championship and 112 tournament wins according to teamusa.org.
Treanor said the most difficult challenge in her career has been dealing with the passing of her mother in 2002.
“It’s like you lost part of your heart. She didn’t get to see me in my success. I had to walk down and get my diploma from LB State five days after she passed away. She’s never got to see me compete at the games I was successful at, she didn’t get to walk me down the aisle and see me get married.”
She has also faced struggles with a history of alcoholism and abuse in her family, as well as a sexual assault encounter during college.
When it came to dealing with her injuries she said listening to her physical therapist and surrounding herself with supportive people was essential to her success.
“I don’t look at this job as a coaching job, I look at it as a mentorship. My main job is to get them through school, they need their education,” she said to express her gratitude for being able to work at the college as the new head volleyball coach as of Fall 2016.
Along with her participation at the college, her husband and former professional baseball catcher in Major League Baseball Matthew Aaron Treanor, now 40, will be attending the college in the future. College will be a new thing to the former ball player, since he was drafted as a high school player in 1994.