Carlos Ochoa/staff writer/@carlosochoaLA

Hillary Clinton’s Long Beach to get the vote rally Monday, June 6, brought many comments from students, employees and Long Beach residents.

LBCC President Eloy Oakley said in an interview before the rally, “We are really excited to have her. It’s nice to be involved in the election.”

Just before the rally, Area 5 Trustee Virginia Baxter said the rally was “a moment in history.”

Area 2 Trustee Irma Archuletta said, “What an opportunity for the college. This is a historical moment. Particularly because we know she’s going to become the first woman president. Think about what it is going to mean to students coming to the college.”

Area 2 Trustee-Elect Vivian Malauulu said Sunday in an email, “Regardless of one’s political views or personal choice for U.S. president in this unprecedented pending election, the fact that our college was chosen as a rally stop for Secretary Clinton is monumental. The future of financing Community Colleges in America has been a hot topic on many political stages as of late, which is why Secretary Clinton making a campaign stop at LBCC serves to solidify how important ventures such as the Long Beach College Promise are to our country’s educational model.”

After the event, Area 4 Trustee and Board President Doug Otto said, “I thought it was fantastic. She was over the top. I was very excited and it was very well done. This can’t help but have a positive effect on the bond (Measure LB on the June 7 ballot). It’s all about the students.”

Part-time English teacher Laura Monahan said, “I am proud to be here. She will help women advance and it will benefit people like both of my daughters in the future to have her in office.”