One day before the June 7 California primary, in the unparalleled voting season, Hillary Clinton will speak at a campaign rally at LBCC. The historic event is scheduled on the LAC in the Hall of Champions gym Monday, June 6, at 6 p.m.

Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders are in a heated race. Clinton leads with 289 pledged delegates as of June 6, according to Yet Sanders, who has inspired a huge and extremely dissatisfied electorate, predicts a contested Democratic National Convention and continues to push for radical change.

It has been said that Sanders has pushed Clinton further left of center on important issues, including income inequality and reining in Wall Street, trade and social security. Clinton has even been talking about making public college debt-free, meaning students will be able to graduate without carrying loans and she has adopted President Obama’s call to make Community College free. Clinton has also agreed that the minimum wage be raised.

By adopting these and other issues, it looks like Clinton has decidedly taken a left turn from some of her centrist positions. The question that remains is if she will indeed address these issues, from a left of center approach, as she talks about doing now on the campaign trail.

LBCC is proud to host former Secretary of State. Clinton’s rally at our fine school. It is likely that students, employees and visitors will be very interested and excited to hear her address them and their educational concerns

According to Long Beach ranks highest of the top five cities in ethnic/racial/linguistic diversity and one in four Long Beach residents were born outside the U.S.

With Long Beach having one of most diverse populations in the country, it is a good idea for Clinton to visit LBCC to address the millennial generation that mirrors what America actually looks like.