Democratic presidential primary candidate Hillary Clinton at Plaza Mexico shopping center in Lynwood, Calif., Monday, June 6. Photo by Marcy Lopez
Democratic presidential primary candidate Hillary Clinton at Plaza Mexico shopping center in Lynwood, Calif., Monday, June 6. Photo by Marcy Lopez

Jerick E. LeBlanc/Staff writer/@jerickjake

The Hillary Clinton campaign issued a last-minute addition to include LBCC on Monday, June 6, as part of her last-minute schedule before Tuesday’s California primary election.

According to an article by Huffington Post on Sunday, June 5, the area around Long Beach, part of the 47th congressional district in California, has emerged as a key battleground. Sanders campaigned in the area June 1 and Clinton was in the area on Friday.

LBCC President Eloy Oakley said in a statement Monday, “The LBCC Board of Trustees and I are honored to host Secretary Clinton as she campaigns for the office of president of the U.S. We are proud that she has chosen LBCC, of all the higher educational institutions in our region, to deliver her message to voters.

“Her visit will draw national attention to LBCC, the Long Beach College Promise and our critical mission of providing access to affordable higher education for everyone in our city and community.”

Trustee-elect and journalism professor Vivian Malauulu said she believes LBCC was picked because of the Long Beach College Promise, which guides students from the Long Beach Unified School District, on to LBCC and eventually Cal State Long Beach.

“Regardless of one’s political views or personal choice for U.S. president in this unprecedented pending election, the fact that our college was chosen as a rally stop for Secretary Clinton is monumental,” Malauulu said. “The future of financing Community Colleges in America has been a hot topic on many political stages as of late, which is why Secretary Clinton making a campaign stop at LBCC serves to solidify how important ventures such as the Long Beach College Promise are to our country’s educational model.”

Santa Ana resident Juan Luis Rodriguez Garibay, 28, said Sunday, June 5, he first became a Clinton supporter after hearing then-President Bill Clinton when he was 8 give an inspirational speech that changed his life.

“As a member of what would be considered an underdeveloped, crime-ridden, at-risk community, my future had been planned out for me by social stigmas and lack of opportunity,” Garibay said. “Such stigmas pegged me as a thug, a high school dropout, a plague. However, on that hot September day in 1995, I sat and listened to President Clinton tell me that he, Hillary and his administration believed in me.”

Garibay remembers Clinton saying hard work, faith and perseverance would help overcome any obstacles. “Today, I am proud to say that in 2011 I was the first person in my entire family to graduate from a university and that I’m currently in the process of applying to law school. As you can see, I am not a product of my environment.”

Garibay is proud to support Hillary Clinton and he trusts her for president: “I trust her policies. I trust her heart is in the right place. I trust we are stronger together when stand next to Hillary.”

As the Democratic front-runner and presumptive nominee to likely face Republican Donald Trump in November, Clinton has taken a stance against hate, bigotry and the unjust treatment of women. Commercials airing on television portray her work at the Children’s Defense Fund through her work as secretary of state and her life dedicated to public service.

Communication major Jessica Hernandez, 21, disagrees and doesn’t support Clinton. Hernandez said, Monday, June 6, at the LAC that Clinton as a dishonest candidate who flip-flops on important issues for votes.

“She is a pathological liar following money and not upholding any of our own beliefs through peer pressure,” Hernandez said. “Once she was against gay equality and is now for it. Once for war in Iraq, now against. Once against minimum wage increase and now for it. And almost single-handedly causing the issue in Libya by wiping out their leader with no back-up plan.”

Huffington Post added that the district’s congressman, Rep. Alan Lowenthal, remains one of the few uncommitted Democratic members of the House of Representatives for either Clinton or Sanders. His district once leaned Republican, but is becoming increasingly liberal thanks to an influx of Latino and Asian-American voters who comprise the majority of residents.