By Ramon Lontok

Staff Writer

Students and employees were evacuated from the B, C and D Building at the LAC after two students found a suspicious item inside the men’s restroom Tuesday, March 26, around 2 p.m.

Classes in all three buildings were cancelled immediately, with Parking Lot H and a portion of Parking Lot I also evacuated, while the Long Beach Police and Fire Department handled the ongoing situation.

Campus police said the item found met the criteria of an explosive device. LBCC sent out an emergency text update immediately following the situation.

Karmina Limfuego, 19, a radiology major, said, “Two guys from my class found something wrapped in black tape with wires sticking out inside the bathroom and contacted campus security right away.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s bomb squad brought out a bomb defusing robot to the scene and detonated the suspicious device at 3:40 p.m.

Patricia Peters, 48, also a radiology major, said she was glad the school is “taking the situation seriously” before she commended the police and fire department for a “phenomenal turnout.”

When asked if the situation was a hoax in regards to midterms, Liz Nash, a biology teacher, said, “As long as students have been able to do it, they’ve done it.”