Jesus Hernandez
Managing editor

The administration at LBCC is wrong to cut programs. They hate the trades so much. Every program at the college is important and should be kept.

The unfortunate reality about the cuts is that due to the management of funds in the whole state, the college budget must reduce by $2.1 million and while the trades are great, the cuts have to be made.

The administration has the daunting task of telling thousands of students and a number of employees that the budget simply does not allow for some of the programs we have.

President Eloy Oakley said at a forum the administration did not take its usual 5 percent raise. Some might argue the administration should take a pay cut. But in all honesty, no one would want to be underpaid for a job.

The problem is that everyone is looking out for themselves and no one is looking out for the students.

The teachers’ unions refused to cut its pay. Granted, teachers should be paid more. The administration is all making more than $100,000 and will not take a pay cut. The state cannot afford to give schools more funds so no new income is arriving.

Students are the ones coming out last in this fiscal tug-o-war because the result will be fewer classes, fewer teachers, fewer programs, a Winter session with no classes and a large number of students taking longer to get through college.

The reason it looks like the trades are being targeted is because it is the responsibility of the administration to keep courses that will better serve the majorityof the student population.

Most students have to take English, math and science. Most students do not have to go through aviation maintenance, most students will not be taking real-estate courses and most will not go through auto repair.

A lot more factors affect the review process. The question now is regarding the new buildings made for welding and aviation maintenance.
That bond money that the tax-payers will be paying back for the next 20 years will have gone to waste if the trades that meet in those buildings are eliminated.