Omar Reyes/Staff wrtter/@Salar0895

Reading professor Jordan Fabish will retire at the end of the semester after teaching full time for 15 years at LBCC.

Lauren Robles, 31, a nursing major, said, “It makes me sad because she’s a great professor who takes time and wants students to learn. It’s her decision and I support her decision.”

Fabish wasn’t initially planning on retiring. “CCA negotiated a successful contract for an early retirement package that was worth considering,” she said.

Fabish said that she feels ambivalent about leaving since the teaching profession is something she always wanted to do. Fabish hopes to return in the future to teach part-time.

After she retires, Fabish plans to catch up on sleeping and ironing, reading for pleasure, volunteer in a mentoring program and spend more time working in her garden.

Fabish said she considers LBCC as both her alma mater and neighborhood school since she attended LBCC while going to Lakewood High School (due to a program that was available at the time).

“What reading teachers (including I) try to do is help students read deeply. We live in a fast-paced world but our thinking needs to be reflective.”