Story by Jeff Dahlquist/Staff writer/@jdahlasign

In Downtown Long Beach, on the corner of Pine and Ocean, the Live After Five music series kicked off its debut concert extravaganza with: The Loop.

From their website,

“The Loop at Pine + Ocean sits within Victory Park, and is bordered to the south by the former home to the iconic Jergins Trust Building and entrance to the famed Jergins Tunnel, which once helped move over 45,000 pedestrians an hour between Pine Avenue and the waterfront. In the 60s, the tunnel was sealed and in 1985 the Jergins Trust Building was demolished”

The opening act, Tacky Little Hatshop, was one of the newest and most creative Long Beach native band’s on the scene today.

Tacky Little Hatshop fuses manic keyboard, jangly guitar and jungle drums to create a strange, yet comforting blend of psychedelic art rock.

The band is akin to a fusion of influences such as ABBA, Tom Waits and Tame Impala.

Founded in 2014, Tacky Little Hatshop consists of sisters Annie Taylor and Enya Preston, brothers Orlando and Erick Nieto as well as Jeff Suri.

The band resides in Southern California with half of their members being Long Beach natives and the other half in Fallbrook.

The band does most of their writing and creating locally in their Long Beach studio.

Tacky Little Hatshop has completed their first EP titled “Where the Whales Go to Die” in 2015. The Tackys are now actively recording their first full length LP.

In an email interview with Enya, she tells of the exciting changes in the local music scene in Long Beach. “We have been a part of the Long Beach music scene for many years and have seen it grow over the past ten. Especially because of Fingerprints in Downtown and the music festivals they have helped promote. With live shows being so popular now we are hopeful that bigger, well-known bands will play at the smaller venues and that this will continue to grow the music scene.”

When asked about the band’s inspiration for performing Tackys replied, “We were born with it, especially Enya who was born in a music room.”

The Tackys are currently in the process of recording their first LP and will be performing at Music Tastes Good Fest in Long Beach later this fall.

They’re excited to see other artists like the Specials and Dr. Dog, as well as more local artists like Dustin Lovelis.

The Tacky’s have two more shows this summer at The Merrow in San Diego June 28 and The Golden Road Brewing Company in Los Angeles on July 23.

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