Story and photos by Glen Starks/@gstarksviking15

The Bernie Sanders momentum tour continues. Sen. Sanders, the Democratic presidential candidate, spoke at a rally at the StubHub Center in Carson on Tuesday, May 17, before an estimated 8,000 supporters, according to the Sanders’ campaign team.
Several LBCC students were spotted in the crowd.
Sanders is in a contested battle with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They have been trading wins in states throughout the election year.
Californians will vote in the primary Tuesday, June 7, and people have until Monday, May 23, to register.
Sanders’ campaign has been building momentum with recent wins in Washington and Oregon on Tuesday, which was announced by Sanders during the rally in Carson to a thunderous ovation from his supporters.
Actor Danny Glover gave an impassioned speech to help build the excitement of Sanders’ crowd by talking about the senator’s accomplishments and his plan to help America’s working class.
When Sanders did finally take the stage, he spent the majority of his time touting his plans for “free college” for every American and his disdain with health-care reform. Sanders also has strongly proposed his plan for free health care, as a fundamental right that every American should be entitled to.
“Feel the Bern,” was just one of several slogans and chants that loudly was cheered by the crowd throughout the night and the many hours before Sanders even took the stage.
Sanders also spoke extensively about his campaign not accepting lobbyist donations. The average donation his campaign has received was $27 per donor, a figure substantially less than the Clinton campaign
I for one thought his message of free stuff and entitlement for life would resonate with generation X and older Americans. It has not. Perhaps a reason is Sanders simply did not have the money to supplant the Clinton political money machine in the states that matter the most to the election process. Certainly this is one of the reasons Sanders wants to reform the election process.
Unfortunately, I believe Sanders will fall victim to the very political cycle that he despises and has sworn to dismantle. The hearts and minds of his supporters are unquestionably in his favor. The question that is soon to be answered is, are there enough of them?