2016 City Magazine cover by Joshua Miller
2016 City Magazine cover by Joshua Miller

After an uncertain and disheartening start to the Spring semester, the journalism program pulled together to complete the City magazine issue that was almost never was.
During the Fall 2015 semester, led by Editor in Chief Susan Usas, writers and photographers produced numerous stories to be considered for publication in the school’s long-running magazine, first published in 1979.
Usas said, “In the Fall, it was hard to corral everyone. I had to check up on every writer, hoping they were in contact with their photographer. I felt like a nag. Thank goodness for adviser Cindy Frye and Brandon Richardson for keeping the fire and magazine going into Spring.”
Art director and designer Brandon Richardson, a former City magazine editor in chief, headed a small team of designers during the Spring semester. Joshua Miller, the current Viking News co-editor in chief, designed the covers for the magazine and Hayley Hart, the current Viking News social-media editor, helped design inside pages on their own time for no class credit.
With so few hands on design, two former City magazine editor in chiefs, Katie Cortez and Jesus Hernandez, aided Richardson and Hart with the design of the inside pages.
Richardson said, “I’m very grateful to Katie and Jesus for helping out the program at a time that could have seen the end of the magazine. Also, seeing the extra time that Susan, Hayley and Josh put in, when they were so busy with the newspaper, really shows how important this program and the magazine are to its students. I’m proud of everyone involved with this issue and of the final product that we produced.”
At 22 pages, this issue of City magazine will be thinner than previous issues, which typically run at 30 pages. Also with this issue, the design team decided to take the money saved on pages and add elements to grab the public’s attention. True to the comic-book theme of the magazine, the covers will feature shiny, gold foil and the completed magazine will be packaged in individual resealable bags.
The magazine is expected to be on news racks at the PCC and the LAC in late May or early June.