Story by Jeff Dahlquist/Staff writer/@jdahlasign

Police Lt. Darren Davenport of the Long Beach Police Department listed two hit-and-run accidents, two found property reports and one report of vandalism at LBCC in April.
Arrests made in April include one non-student for making internet threats as well as one student arrested for resisting an officer in the course of her or his duties, Davenport said.
“The officer was investigating a battery dispatch,” he said.
Public safety information handouts are available in the lobby of LAC’s Public Safety office in Building X next to Veterans Stadium.
Officers also staffed a booth during an event on campus supporting Earth Day at the PCC and LAC.
Undeclared major Juan Lopez, 20, in regard to the upcoming installation of cameras said, “I feel it is just an excuse to spend more of the school’s funds.”
Gina Gardner, 23, a computer science major, also said, “I am for the new cameras. They would provide more protection and keep a watchful eye at night for students with late classes.”
If students see or feel they or another student on campus are in danger, Davenport suggests they use the blue emergency call boxes for immediate assistance or dial 911.
With the new campus security cameras scheduled to be installed in August, Davenport said in an email Monday, May 2, he hopes the new eyes in the sky will reduce potential criminal activity on campus.
The lieutenant said the cameras will be a valuable tool into solving incidents if officers are not on the scene at the time the crime was committed.