Photo by Joshua Miller

Story by Hayley Hart/Online editor/@hayleylhart

An employee of 31 ½ years, Danny To, Stadium and district facilities business manager, celebrated his retirement with friends, family and colleagues in the Z Building parking lot, Friday, May 13.
Judith Garcia, 21, a biology major and guest said in an interview at the event, “That’s amazing to last this long at one place.”
Tim Wootton, director of district facilities and To’s boss, said in an interview at the party, “He is going to be hard to replace. He is a whole entity on himself. He is not just a person, he has been somebody who has totally run all of facilities rentals. He is amazing.”
Two rows of long tables were set up in the facilities parking lot to seat about 150 guests. To’s chair was marked with his name in black marker on silver duct tape and at the head of one row of tables. He hardly sat down. He greeted people and was presented with gifts, cards and well wishes.
Wootton said he will assume most of To’s responsibilities during the usual eight to 10 weeks to find a replacement. We really appreciate Danny. He has been here 31 years and held several positions, custodial supervisor, risk-management, hazardous-waste manager, facilities rentals, he’s been a lead-man here. He has been a part of LBCC for 30 something years and we really appreciate it.”
To said to the crowd, “I look at my success as that of a team of the college, the institution. Your success is LBCC’s success. I truly owe a lot to the institution.” He came to the college in 1982 and was a student on federal work study. He didn’t speak much English, but learned through the college. The college gave him “a career not just a job,” he said.
Cheryl Williams, custodial supervisor, provided brisket and chicken from her own smoker. Culinary art student created an 18-by 26-inch carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Cookies, potato salad and a variety of sodas were available to party guests.