Carlos Ochoa. Shoto by Jerick E. LaBlanc
Carlos Ochoa. Shoto by Jerick E. LaBlanc

By Carlos Ochoa/Staff Writer/@carlosochoaLBCC

With the primary elections June 7 popular news outlets such as CNN, MSNBC and FOX try to convince the country that the only electable Democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton.
On the opposing side, waves of true progressives fight to keep democratic nominee Bernie Sanders afloat.
It is easy to become lost within the divisive rhetoric between the Clinton and Sanders campaigns and distinguish between what it means to be a progressive and someone who is pretending.
Recently, Clinton is trying to prove to the world she is as progressive as Bernie Sanders.
On abortion rights, she is pro-choice; guns, supports common sense gun-legislation to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people; immigration, she basks in the glory of the American dream and opportunity for immigrants; and foreign policy, I believe she is well qualified and experienced.
Yes, give her all of the social issues, which hit closer to home with people more than the economic issues, where without a doubt, she is more center-right than left.
Clinton is using the same logic our government used when granting African American’s citizenship with the 14th amendment in 1868 and assuming that all a citizen needs is SOCIAL opportunity, not ECONOMIC opportunity.
And although she is up front with her message of a strong middle class, she ignores the hypocrisy of her campaign.
She supports a broken election cycle where big money is funneled back and forth through a corrupt campaign finance system. Where large corporations can continually use their “freedom of speech” rights that came about because of Citizens United, a supreme court decision which allowed corporations to funnel unlimited amounts of cash into our political election cycle and purchase the very people we think represent us.
Clinton claims she is for the people, but supports disastrous trade agreements that allow large corporations to keep their money in offshore tax havens and use tax loopholes to decrease the amount of taxes they pay.
In the end, guess who that tax burden falls on? That’s right, it comes in the form of all these “budget cuts” that cut funding to public infrastructure and educational institutions.
It’s a vicious cycle and Clinton knows the average American will not be able to change her mind, because she simply doesn’t listen to them.