Darrell James. Photo by Joshua Miller
Darrell James. Photo by Joshua Miller

By Darrell James/Photo and images editor/@darrelljames_

The automotive field can be vast and rewarding if students hold their interest to master the skills needed to be the best.
To some, the career path may be discouraging. Not everyone is cut out for the sometimes rigorous work associated with the field. Regardless if you can harness a strong dedication to succeed in mastering the hands-on craft, you can in time make a nice honest living out of it.
We live in world of cars that continues to change. Though it may seem to be a task in keeping up with innovations, you shouldn’t worry if you know how to make the wheels turn in your favor.
Here at LBCC, we have one of the best departments specializing in auto mechanics, which has continued to assist students in understanding the trade. From learning procedures in changing oil to researching the right part for yourself or a future customer, students have the proper knowledge needed to succeed in the field. In today’s world, it’s great to have a good trade mastered.
With knowledge in auto mechanics, students minimize the visits to the auto shop by taking care of their own car, saving money and time. You can also decide to open a shop if you have the proper knowledge, dedication and skills needed to achieve the goal. In the Automotive Technology Department, students receive teachings and strong support from your peers and teachers while continuing to build your craft.
Personally, I’ve always held an interest in cars and even more in driving them. The power that you’re given when behind the wheel of that massive machine is truly something different and great in all aspects. The experience becomes even more rewarding when you know what’s happening as you drive, which in time makes you and your vehicle one. Learning the physics and fundamentals can be obtainable in many areas.
Books, magazines and internet research can assist in the understanding, but won’t provide that person-to-person instruction. I feel that instruction is vital when learning the auto field and the businesses that go with it. The instruction can be found by taking a course and beginning studies that could lead to a solid career.
The industry is always changing and moving along with the course of technology. The progress means mechanics always have something new to learn while growing with the ongoing times. Be not discouraged by the road to achieving your goal, but be ambitious in finding the right way to it.