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Story and photo by
Darrell James/Photo and image editor/@darrelljames_

Students of the LBCC Auto Mechanics Club visited the BMW automotive dealership at Walnut Avenue and Spring Street in Long Beach on Monday, April 25, and were introduced automotive students to possible job opportunities.
The event was organized by teacher Danny Tan. He met with employees of the Long Beach dealership to ask if they could invite students in for a firsthand experience. After speaking with representatives of the dealership and LBCC alumnus Chris Roberson, who now works as tech team leader at BMW, Tan was able to arrange a guided tour for students.
Tan said, “I wanted to go back to industries in the neighborhood to let them know our department is still around and to introduce students to the business while gaining a hands-on experience.”
Led by Roberson, students were taken on a roughly 2-hour tour of the dealership. From marketing to mechanical services, the tour touched on a few departments and positions offered at BMW.
Antonio Torres, 20, an auto tech major, said, “It feels good to actually see how the industry is instead of just hearing about it in class then going into it. I appreciate that they’re giving us time to come out to their dealership to see everything.”
Billy Barrett, 42, an auto tech major, said, “I definitely didn’t know that much about BMW until today. I’ve learned much more than I thought I would have learned.”
Tan now has plans to visit a few more dealerships before the semester ends to help inform and inspire students to succeed in their future career.
“After the trip a few students started to ask me about other dealerships so I’m now thinking we may visit Cadillac, General Motors and Buick,” Tan said.