Homeowners take better care of their own bathrooms than their school restrooms. Students Don’t leave their school restrooms clean. They leave messes on the ground, believing the custodians will pick up after them.

We as students need to not rely on the custodians to clean up our mess. Students can take care of their own personal hygiene. Don’t destroy public restrooms if you wouldn’t want someone to destroy yours at home.

The way women and men treat the school restrooms must be frustrating to a custodian in a school or any public area. It is especially wrong when the custodians at LBCC are underpaid and work longer and harder then they should.

The level of hygiene care that others put into their own homes compared to the way they assume public places will be maintained after their use may be caused by a variety of reasons.

One reason being that others care about how they present their homes and bathrooms for that matter, to others.

Honestly, a bathroom can tell a lot about a person as well as their hygiene. But people abuse the fact that a custodian will be responsible for cleaning up after them in a public place. Maybe because you are assured that no one will know how careless you are when using a public restroom.

It isn’t  that hard to pick up after yourself and spare the custodian a little work. Most do the same at home anyway.
This type of reasoning behind why most people are careless when using public restrooms, or any public facilities for that matter, is simply careless and even inconsiderate.

The way that most people know a custodian will clean up after them is wrong. Older individuals are more likely to be cleaner and have better hygiene. Usually a younger person will have assistance and therefore is much more unlikely to keep the area clean.

Being clean shows how mature an individual is. Dirty public restrooms imply how much a business or school and its students care for their environment.