In a effort to have President Obama speak at LBCC, students are contacting him by email, on social media and through the petition.

Dear Mr. President,
I have recently understood that in recorded history, apparently, no president of the U.S. has spoken at a community college graduation.
It would be our greatest honor to have you take time out of your busy schedule to speak at LBCC graduation June 9. Not only are you our president, but you are painted as the face for hope and change. Community College students are often wrongfully branded with being less than our 4-year counterparts, when many of the brightest leaders of our future attend these schools.
Long Beach is one of the most diverse city in the nation, a representation of the melting pot America prides itself to be. If you were to speak at our school, you would be showing us, that we who come from all backgrounds have as much influence in this world as the next Harvard graduate.
With that said, Mr. President, I urge you to join us at LBCC in the name of progression and student potential. We have constantly been told that we are the future leaders, and if our current leader expressed his faith in us, I foresee a brighter and more peaceful future.

Taylor Armenta
International relations major