Story by staff writers/Carlos Ochoa/@carlosochoaLBCC

and Omar Reyes/@salar0895

To celebrate LBCC’s first sustainability week, the Associated Student Body organized pledge days Tuesday, April 19, for the PCC and Monday, April 18, at the LAC.
The pledge day was the first in the line of events that were included in sustainability week. A sustainability fair was presented Wednesday, April 20, at the LAC. Another one is scheduled 11 a.m.-2 p.m. today, Thursday, April 21, at the PCC.
Sustainability week will conclude with a community gathering at the Horticulture Garden at the PCC from 1-3 p.m. on Friday, April 22, which will coincide with National Earth Day.
On both campuses, the pledge days were from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and students had to opportunity to “pledge” on what they would do to be more sustainable and receive a free water container from the ASB.
“There’s a lot the college can do to change the habits of people and this is a step in the right direction, a step for a sustainable college,” said George Salmermon, 34, an international business major.
Sustainability pledges included going to beach clean-ups, limiting shower time, buying locally grown fruits and vegetables, carpooling and saving energy in an effort to conserve and save the planet.
Student Council Vice Chair Patrick Gore said, “It is a pledge to save the planet, cutting down on waste.”
He said the primary goal is to spread awareness about the importance of sustainability at the college and to inform students and employees of existing efforts of sustainability at the college such as the recycling efforts at LBCC.
Shannon Trisler, 21, a business major, was the person behind the idea of organizing a sustainability week at the college.
In addition to being the first representative of sustainability for the ASB Cabinet, Trisler said the week is the first time a committee in ASB would be promoting projects on sustainability and this is all “such a new thing” to them.
Trisler said, “I thought it was a great idea to promote sustainability. I feel so much potential in this movement, especially for students since we attend LBCC so it feels clean and nice to save energy.”
Students who obtained an ASB reusable bottle may be filled at the Viking Food Court for $1 with the purchase of any sandwich for the rest of sustainability week. Students can refill their bottles at any time for the rest of the semester and save 50 cents per fill.