Story By Hayley Hart/Online Editor/@hayleylhart

Security cameras for the PCC and the LAC, which were first proposed by the district in May 2014, will start to be installed in the Fall and all 600 are scheduled to be operational by Spring 2017.
ASB officer and Student Trustee Alejandro Lomeli said, “The installation of cameras on campus is a step toward improved safety for all students, faculty and staff. The cameras will serve as an additional deterrent for criminal behavior. I sincerely hope that there is never a case where we’d have to review the cameras, but it’s reassuring to hear that with the surveillance, we would be one step closer to catching the criminals involved.”
John Pope, director of public affairs for LBCC, said the LBPD will have the ability to views live feeds from the cameras.
Pope said, “The installation will occur in phases, with multiple buildings being affected at a time with a combination of day and night work for the data and power infrastructure to be put in place and then the cameras being installed, tested and commissioned.”
The project will take up to a year to complete due to creating the infrastructure and implementing the software for managing the video.
Pope said the locations of the cameras are planned to cover all public outdoor areas and entry and exits of buildings. Pope said about 200 cameras will be installed at the PCC and the LAC is to have around 400.
During the March 22 Board of Trustees meeting, Board President Doug Otto asked where in the process the cameras were. Otto said, “I requested that this item be pulled so we could have this type of discussion because … I’ve heard around campus is that people didn’t know what was going on and I knew that this was on the agenda just for approval on the consent calendar, but that people would appreciate knowing what was going on with regard to cameras on campus safety.”
At the same Board meeting Administrative Services Vice President Ann-Marie Gabel said, “It will completely cover pretty much every inch of the exterior of both campuses and it will cover all of the entrances to the buildings with facial-recognition capabilities on the entrances to the buildings and the entrances to the parking lots and the parking structure.”
Pope said, “The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our top priority. We consider this initiative to be a valuable investment in the safety and security our all those who attend LBCC, work here or visit our campuses.”