By Leonard Kelley

Staff writer

During daylight hours, as drivers enter with their cars, all is bright around the LAC parking structure.

At the front of each entrance, a bright monitor sign indicates the number of spaces available and on which floor they’re located in a bright green LED display.

Numerical readouts count down the remaining spaces available on each floor. As a floor is filled with cars, a bright red display says full.

Daytime driver Carlos Terrazas, a second semester paramedic student, said he has no complaints. “It is real nice, I spent $20 for my parking pass, but it gets full fast,” Terrazas said.

The structure has blue light emergency call boxes, emergency fire alarm pull switches, fire extinguishers at every floor exit and an emergency call button in each elevator.

Steven Dabu, 35, a pre-nursing student, said, “The lights seem adequate, but a good theft deterrent would be a walking foot patrol. I haven’t seen cameras, but when the parking structure is almost empty, it would be hard to run to a blue light emergency box because they are only at the exits.”

Dabu added, “I would like to see more in the middle because any one of us could be victimized.” He also said he hasn’t been given a “what to do” list in case something happens.

Jessie Wise, an environmental engineering student, said, “It’s great. I like all the lights. It is very well lit. My concern is the parking meters do not always take my credit card or cash. I worry on the way to class about a possible ticket.”

Brendan Hayes, manager of environmental health, safety and parking services, said the lights run on regular power. With solar panels on top, every other light is lit during the daylight hours because all the lights are not needed during the day.

As the panels generate power, it is reversed through the meter and used elsewhere. At night, the lights function as any light on campus and are powered by the electrical grid.

Campus police officer Stinson or Lt. Julie Prior may be contacted for information about what a student should do during or after an attack.

Prior said, “As far as the lighting in the parking structure, I was here late one night and it was well lit.”

Police regularly hand out a flier with eight things students should know for more information.

Students also have evening safety escorts available at the LAC and the PCC by calling (562) 938-4910.