By Carlos Ochoa/Staff Writer/@carlosochoaLBCC

As of last night, with 100 percent of precincts showing Irma Archuleta lost the position as the District 2 LBCCD Board of Trustees Member.

According to the unofficial election results reports, Irma received 1,611 votes or 40.7 percent of total votes, while her competitor Vivian Williams Malauulu, received 2,350 votes or 59.3 percent of total votes.

After the polls closed, she gathered alongside family, supporters, coworkers, and college employees at Nino’s restaurant in Long Beach from 8-9 p.m. to celebrate their campaign, said Archuleta.

Archuleta said her morning was filled with organizing at her headquarters, where afterwards she spent time with supporters distributing flyers.

When talking about the low voter turnout, she said, “As a candidate, we work really hard and it breaks my heart that people don’t vote … It is important to educate the people about organizations and the political process.”

The area I work in is low-income and the people can’t become engaged in the process as easily, and the decisions made at the local level typically have a greater impact than at the national level, Archuleta said.

Michael Varela, 29 and student USC said the process is “really like a family. A network of people who want to help.”

Alfonso Palacios, an architecture major and student at LBCC said, “There is a lot of learning to be done, but I learned a lot about how the process works and hopefully it helps with what I’m doing, which is helping support the Americans with Disability Act.”

Irma Archuleta’s husband, Michael Archuleta described his experience working alongside his wife by saying, “We work together as a team. This is going to be her first time in politics, and it’s been difficult, but she is a fighter.”

Robert Uranga, son of Emiliano James Uranga, said he enjoyed his time working in Archuleta’s campaign. He said he aspires to work in local government and said, “Right now I am learning the ropes, meeting new people.”

Jessica Vargas Alvarez, a candidate for LBUSD district 2 school board, said the campaign was “very intense. Its mixed emotions but it was a great experience over all. I believe our community needs to teach the importance of civic education.”

On April 13, the day after the unofficial election results were posted, Archuleta said, “We are not losing hope … I am glad the campaign is finally over. It was a great effort and we had a wonderful team.”