By Elizabeth Cheruto

Staff Writer

A screening of “Angelitos Negros” on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at the PCC was yet another day LBCC honored Black History Month.

The event was sponsored by MusicUNTOLD and PCC Associate Vice President Byron Breland.

The film is relevant in that the story speaks to the multicultural society known as “America.”

“The story can be helpful in educating about tolerance, human dignity and the benefit to humanity. We must all remember that African American history is, in fact, American history,” Breland said.

The event was among others throughout February on both campuses celebrating the heritage of Black Americans.

On Thursday, Feb. 28, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., on the PCC lawn, another event marked more celebrations with soul food, poetry slam and music sponsored by the PCC Cultural Affairs.

Kenneth Harris, 56, an auto mechanics major, was sad he was not able to attend the event.  He was attending class at the time.

Student Life coordinator at the PCC, Miles Friesen, said the campus was honored to host such a special event where students   could experience the African American culture through the art of music, poetry and food. “This is a historic event of how we view and experience culture,” Friesen said.

Senior administrative assistant at the PCC, Elizabeth Madera, said events like this are very important to everyone.

“It shows the diversity of our culture on campus, which is good for us and the community,” said Madera.

Anthony Bisserup, 42, a business major, said he has been celebrating Black History Month since he was a young boy. “It is a tradition that was celebrated by our fathers and we need to continue in their footsteps.”

Treniece Smith, 19, a sociology major, said she was happy the college organized events to honor the African American heritage.

Smith added, “Great people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks paved the way for us, making American history.”