Photo By Joshua Miller
Photo By Joshua Miller

By George Zuniga/Citystyle Editor/@georgezLBCC

One candidate stands out among a specific demographic all across the U.S. I’m talking about Bernie Sanders. College students love Bernie, except for maybe those who go to Trump University.
Personally, I can say that I’d vote Democrat, especially with a more liberal, left-wing candidate like Bernie. I follow Sanders on Twitter, Facebook and other varieties of social media. But something has come to my attention.
Sanders is getting little coverage on television.
Somebody might think, “Oh, who cares. It’s just TV. Nobody watches regular television anyways.” Wrong. That is dead wrong. More wrong than anyone could possibly imagine. According to the Nielsen ratings from this year, 99 percent of households own a TV, an average of 5 hours are spent watching that television.
Where does all of this draw into good ol’ Bern? Well, it starts with Trump. He is a media sensation. Anything Trump says, whether behind a podium, at a conference, on Twitter, on the street, it makes the news. Literally anything the guy does makes the news through headlines on your TV screen
You tune into any scheduled hour of news on your local or nationwide channels, I can almost guarantee you there’s something about Trump in the newscast. According to The Nation magazine, it’s been calculated that Trump gets 23 times more coverage than Bernie does, we all know that Trump gets the most.
What sickens me is how anything Trump says is swallowed up by every major news outlet in the nation. But what about Bernie?
The latest big thing the media has covered on Bernie was a bird flying up to his podium. Sure, it was cute, sure, it was fitting for his speech but that’s it? It also seems like news outlets are posting articles on “why Bernie would be the biggest story now if it weren’t for Trump”.
Nobody cares about why you could be covering him right now. It’s why you aren’t.
To me, this is a man who’s going to change America for the better. A man who’s going to carry the nation forward and leave a positive impact. So I have to keep asking, “Why doesn’t anyone cover him like they should?”