Viking Editorial Staff


The PCC is receiving a massive renovation, including the aviation and auto mechanics buildings.

A new Student Union, Campus Store and classrooms are in use this semester. The campus has become a modern oasis for students. High-tech labs provide students with new opportunities.

Although the campus has been known to have an older-age demographic, in recent semesters, there has been a trend of younger undergrads attending.

This is primarily because LBCC will provide general class requirements at the PCC.

Previously, students could only complete general course requirements at the LAC.

Students who live in the area now have the option to only take classes at the PCC, opening doors for higher education in Long Beach.

Resident teachers will give better access to students and the issue of running back and forth from the LAC to the PCC will be eliminated.

With several trade programs cut, the new facilities will not be shared with or experienced by any of the trade students, but there are plans in motion to make good use of the old buildings.

PCC Associate Vice President Byron Breland said the seven trade programs that are being cut are being “re-purposed” rather than completely removed.

The PCC aviation facility is sometimes used by the Boeing Company to train its workers.

Ports in Long Beach and Los Angeles may allow students to take over jobs including infrastructure projects.

Many students are unaware of the existence of the serene horticulture garden at the PCC. The garden is quiet and well kept by the horticulture classes.  It provides an outside space for relaxation at school.

Students are welcome to study individually and in groups by the pond with Koi fish or under the shady gazebo.

Some of the classes from the cut programs will still be offered. Trade students may still take some of these courses and pursue their trade.

Staff at the PCC are making many efforts to support the trades still, even though several are being cut.

Carpentry, another program that will be cut, provides students with a range of knowledge from beginning level to advanced.

This has opened opportunities for some students to work with the program, “Extreme Home Makeover”, providing them an opportunity to network and work with a huge selection of tools.

It is a relatively large campus compared to other schools and it’s densely populated with diverse students and an attractive flock of chickens and a rooster in the horticulture gardens.

Breland also said, the American Sign Language program at the PCC is one of the largest in the states.