Story and Photos By Omar Reyes/Staff Writer/@salar0895

Something needs to be told to students of LBCC. They might not know, but LBCC actually has two campuses; the PCC and LAC.
Someone who is reading this might think, “Where has this goof-ball been? Everyone knows LBCC has two campuses!” I see an abundance of students at LAC and fewer at PCC.
Whenever I go to PCC, usually not as many people are present there as LAC. I’ve asked a large number of students in a survey which campus they preferred and a large number of them chose LAC.
I’ve met students who have never been to PCC, students who view PCC like it was some foreign country and I’m willing to bet some students who probably aren’t even aware of PCC’s existence.
PCC has many qualities that are special. PCC has newer buildings, classes and restrooms than LAC. PCC is a smaller campus so it is actually easier to navigate and classes may be more quickly to reach than LAC.
Students have told me because more people go to LAC, parking and counseling appointments at PCC are much easier to obtain than LAC.
Welding, metal fabrication, horticulture, housing and automotive technology classes are based at the PCC. The campus also has special events including the Mini Grand Prix, which is planned Saturday, April 23.
PCC’s version of the Nordic Lounge is the Student Union, which provides comfy seats and a place for students to socialize. It even has a ping pong table for Pete’s sake.
I’m not endorsing that PCC is better than LAC or the opposite. Both campuses are great and unique. Simply put, people should visit both campuses more.
People might say, “But I live so close to LAC. Why should I travel more than I need to?” I understand that since I technically live closer to PCC than LAC. Yet, I go to LAC all of the time because my college isn’t confined to one campus.
If someone wants to have all their classes at PCC or LAC because of the close proximity of their homes, that’s fine.
But what I’m encouraging is to try to visit the campus that you don’t visit as much. The Viking Voyager school shuttle is free for students and only takes 20 minutes to go from one campus to the other.
I see LAC and PCC as some comic readers might see Marvel and DC.
Regardless of which one you like better, both are filled with amazing stories, exciting locations and fun characters. Don’t stick to one when you can have the best of both worlds.