Story and Photos By Omar Reyes/Staff Writer/@salar0895

Situated on the roof of the D Building at the LAC is an instrument that can give students and the community, a frequently updated look of what the weather will be near the campus on a free app on their smartphones and online.
The advanced LBCC station is operating to detect data through work by physical geography teacher Kim Hatch and a grant by the LBCC Foundation.
Marbella Corrales, 18, a sociology major, said, “I think the weather station is pretty cool since we can check if it is going to rain. Not everyone lives near LBCC so I hope students know about the weather even though they come from different parts of town.”
Hatch wanted a new weather station for the college to support teaching in his weather and climate class and because “It’s a fun asset for the college to use.”
The solar-powered station records data and transmits information by radio, which then goes to weather display consoles. Afterwards the data from the consoles goes through a computer on the third floor of the D Building and displayed to, Hatch explained.
The WeatherLink website features weather readings for LBCC including wind, rain, humidity and barometer.
The computer used for the weather station stays on all the time and stores weather data for historical reference, Hatch said.
Hatch said the cost to install a new weather station was about $1200 and people from other colleges, including Pierce College in Woodland Hills, were so impressed with LBCC’s weather station they ask Hatch how LBCC obtained a weather station.
Hatch said, “Everyone should take an earth science class so that more people can understand how the earth operates. The earth does not come with an instruction manual.”
“Not only can we use it as a teaching too but it helps develop student’s learning.” Hatch said.
Students who want to know LBCC’s weather may visit and find the weather station by clicking “WeatherLink Station Map.” The daily forecast for LBCC may be viewed by clicking “Summary.”
Students may download the free “WeatherLink Mobile” app from the app store for their smartphones and search “lbccweather” to access to weather information by the weather station online.