Art by Joshua Miller
Art by Joshua Miller

By Kelli Reynolds/Staff Writer/@KelliDelRae

In the April 12 election for Area 4, Trustee Doug Otto is working to keep his seat and is challenged by Davina Keiser. The district includes the southeast side of Long Beach and Catalina Island.
Active on the state and national level, Otto has been serving on the Board for 12 years. If re-elected, he said he hopes to adopt policies that will prepare students up to succeed.
Otto said he believes by adopting certain policies, students will be able to finish their education faster. He said he feels strongly students need to be provided with skills directed toward technology-oriented careers in accordance with the evolving society.
Otto is the president of the Community College League of California, a nonprofit organization that “promotes student access and success by strengthening colleges through leadership development, advocacy, policy development and district services,” according to its website.
Dayna Davenport, 23, a business major, described her idea of an ideal trustee, saying, “I think what makes a good Board member is somebody who is relevant to the school, whose interest and agenda would be solely based on the scholarly benefit of students, making their college experience go smoothly and making it worthwhile.”
Keiser said her work as a Wilson High teacher will be helpful in filling the seat. Keiser said she is relying on her background to give her a good perspective of what students need. “As a teacher of career mathematics to high school seniors and juniors at Wilson High School, I am in touch with the needs of graduating high school students on a daily basis.
“I see first-hand the struggles many of them face as they seek affordable ways to continue their education and acquire the skills necessary to hire into living-wage jobs and become productive members of the community.”
Her goals for the Board include returning vocational programs to meet community needs.
She said she hopes to improve the relationship between the Board, employees, students and the community to promote a more collegial and collaborative atmosphere.