By Glen Starks/News Editor/@gstarksviking15

Electrical technology is a field of study students can take to learn how to operate the Empire State
Building, in New York City or any other building that requires electricity such as a home.
In a world full of gadgets, lights or mechanized movement of parts or machines, electrical technology involves everything.
At LBCC, the two year program includes an associate in science degree that can be obtained in addition to certificates of achievement. The syllabus at will provide a list of classes required and recommended schedule. The program has night courses available.
“This machine has a module inside that can execute 500,000 commands,” Evan Rose, 24, an electrical technology major, “If you don’t get a job at a big company you can always do residential electrical work.”
Electrical Design of Commercial and Industrial Buildings is the textbook for the class Rose takes.
A description of the book mentions that knowledge of ac circuitry systems and components is required.
The course at LBCC is Industrial Electricity / 200C and provides comprehensive electrical design of a commercial and industrial facility inclusive of general electrical.
“When I graduate, I will probably work as a plc programmer that job will encompass the layout of all the electrical systems of any building as well the design of where the system will be located and what it does.”
The B building on the southeast side includes electrical technology classes.